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Debt Reduction Tips We Can All Use


Banks were passing out credit cards before the 1970s, unsolicited, just like candy. The average household had very little debt. Debt reduction and refinancing morgage loans wasn't even in the picture. Besides a mortgage and possibly a car loan, most families lived within their means. This meant they saved up for luxuries. Retail department stores offered what were then called 'charge cards' to encourage consumer spending. However, most people looked the other way when they let this charge card build up to an unmanageable level. They charged a pair of shoes or a coat, then paid it off at the end of the month. Otherwise, interest was incurred, an unpopular concept back then. Times have really changed since then.

Today, the average family carries about $9,000 of debt on credit cards alone. The mortgage and car payments not included. Somewhere, way back in time, the maximum interest rate was somewhere around 18%. Along the way, banks have managed to increase this number. Besides the APR, you have late fees and courtesy overdraft fees that make the APR pale in comparison. As a society, almost all of us got used to this new feeling of instant gratification, where we could buy anything we wanted. Now, debt reduction is the name of the game for just about everyone. The problem is how to manage debt reduction, especially is you have bad credit now, thereby reducing the debt that is owed. The best approach is to get some bad credit credit repair assistance. Here are some debt solution ideas on where to begin, formulating a plan, and getting help getting out of debt.


The current economic situation is forcing our collective hands now. Perhaps it's time to return to the conservative money management of the past. It used to be a fairly common practice for the family financial manager to put plain old cash in a number of envelopes on a weekly basis, set aside as soon as the paycheck came in. These envelopes were treated like Fort Knox. Untouchable and off limits. When the bills came due, the money was there. While you may want to keep your money in the bank, applying the same principle to a strict budget is one debt solution that at least allows you to meet your monthly obligations.

Debt reduction is another story. If you can only pay the minimum payment on your credit cards, you will probably spend the next 30 years paying off the debt. Debt consolidation is one solution to effective, meaningful debt reduction. When you use the debt counseling services of a professional debt consolidation counselor, they have the connections to renegotiate these monstrous APRs, are often able to get late fees waived and otherwise effect debt reduction that gives you hope and a manageable monthly payment that can get you out of debt in just a few years.

An effective debt reduction program does require that you have a great deal of discipline. Remember how you got into this spot in the first place. Living beyond your means. Everyone was encouraged by lenders to borrow. Now refinancing mortgage loans is a great first step in debt reduction strategies. If you consult a debt consolidation professional, ask them about other avenues that might be open to you. Do you qualify for a debt relief grant or government-backed loan that might improve your position? Can you get a refinancing mortgage approval from a lender? There's no question that credit problems are not easy to solve, but debt reduction is getting easier.

A well planned and executed debt reduction plan can get you out of debt in less than a lifetime. Free yourself from debt worries. Forget about credit card applications and use every legitimate resource before borrowing again. Be disciplined and regain your peace of mind. Debt reduction is a very good idea if you know where to begin.

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