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What is IMS Publications all about? 

As stated on our home page, IMS Publications, doing business online as, was established as a company in the United States during 2006. It remains the same today, as a U.S. company. Our official name is Internet Marketing Solutions and Publications which started its online business as IMS Publications (for short) in 2006 as a way to reach online marketers who wanted their own web based business. We seek to provide our valuable visitors with a careful selection of simple tools, resources, articles, and retailers for a successful online business plan. It is important to understand that we want to appeal to both brand new marketing professionals as well as those that are seasoned in the online marketing and publishing business. is the original authority site for IMS Publications. We want to be your Internet Marketing Solutions and Publications resource. However, we do not claim to be all things to all people. We want our visitors to get the most out of each resource or tool provided on our site within a reasonable expectation.

We do not always agree with the opinions of others, but present our resources for the use and discretion of our visitors. We are also interested in hearing from our visitors and in productive feedback that can be offered. We want to know what we can do better, so we encourage participation through our Blog or please feel free to email us.

We continually pursue the input of other experts and advertise for other affiliate partners. Also, please feel free to contact any of the merchants through their home page for questions or comments pertaining to their site, service, or products.

We make every effort to keep our content professional, fresh, and relevant. Our staff of writers are commited to the same goals of our visitors, which is to deliver meaningful and appropriate content representative of the online marketing perspective.

We strive to meet the challenge of offering strategic ideas in an effort to provoke thought in our visitors. We want to enhance our visitor's online experience and are commited to providing the best browsing experience possible for all their business needs.  

We want our visitors to remember us, speak well of us, and return to us...frequently!




 Disclaimer: " does not assume any liability of products, services, financial transactions, or delivery of products purchased from merchants represented on or through this Web site."



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